Fossils and Charmouth

Fossils are the remains of animals or plants which have been preserved in rock. The fossils which are found on the beaches and in the cliffs around Charmouth and Lyme Regis are mainly from marine life which existed around 195 million years ago! The cliffs around Charmouth and Lyme Regis are quite unique in their concentration of fossils. Charmouth frequently delivers rare finds to experts and amateurs alike. Rough weather is the best time to collect fossils - making this an ideal winter break!


Where to look for fossils in Charmouth?

The Stonebarrow Cliffs contain a great variety of fossils including Ammonites, Belemnites, Crinoids and other marine creatures. A good place to start is along the beach towards these cliffs and the Golden Cap. Finds have included the bones of Ichthyosaurs, usually the vertebrae.

Find out about Charmouth’s helpful Heritage Centre located at Charmouth beach. Notes on safety and conservation should be observed.

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The Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is England's first natural World Heritage Site - it is known as The Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast covers 95 miles of truly stunning coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth's history. World Heritage status was achieved because of the site's unique insight into the Earth Sciences as it clearly depicts a geological ‘walk through time' spanning the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

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